Town Accountant – Town of Carlisle

The town of Carlisle is seeking highly qualified candidates for the position of Town Accountant, beginning mid-August 2021. Under the appointment and general direction of the Town Administrator, with duties and responsibilities defined by the state laws, incorporating the General Accepted Accounting Principles and the Uniform Municipal Accounting System, town policies and town bylaws, the Town Accountant serves as a member of the senior financial management team. The purpose of this position is to perform complex administrative, supervisory, and technical work in ensuring the proper recording and maintenance of financial records, approving all financial payments, controlling expenditures of all town funds, and auditing financial records and transactions.

The incumbent Town Accountant plans to retire in September 2021 and the town is interested in an August transition period from the incumbent to the new Town Accountant.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred in business administration, public administration, accounting, finance, or a related field; and three to five years’ experience in municipal finance or an equivalent combination of comparable experience and education.
  • Significant knowledge and experience in Massachusetts Municipal Finance Laws and Massachusetts General Laws is strongly preferred.
  • Massachusetts Municipal Auditors’ and Accountants’ Association (MMAAA) certification preferred at hiring or within one year of hiring.
  • Designation as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is strongly preferred, but not required.
  • Annual salary range: $97,604 – $112,814 DOQ. Interested applicants please send cover letter and resume with three professional references to: Town Administrator, Town of Carlisle, 66 Westford St., Carlisle, MA 01741 or email AA/EOE