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“I’m passionate about doing work that is truly important to my community, my family and myself.”

Carolyn Kosnoff
Assistant Town Manager for Finance

“I didn’t expect to be paid so well, with great benefits, right out of college.”

Justin Casanova-Davis
Assistant Town Administrator/Acting Finance Director

“Every day you are learning something new, you never get stagnant in your routine.”

Jennifer Moyston
Administrative Assistant

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A Massachusetts municipal career offers rewards beyond the paycheck:

Excellent benefits • Job security • Flexible work hours • Growth opportunities for those with a variety of skills Shorter commutes • Having an impact in the community right from the start!

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There’s a growing focus on municipal jobs in our state—what we call MassTown Careers. Unprecedented numbers of older workers are retiring, while younger workers are seeking more meaningful jobs. Cities and towns are making efforts to compete for people with the diverse skills they need to manage the complex functions residents expect their municipalities to fulfill.

The rewards of a municipal job can be job security, surprisingly good pay, a shorter commute, and better benefits than many private-sector careers. There is a wide variety of positions available, from management to HR, information technology, finance, and public works. Often, recent graduates are given greater responsibility early in their careers, and many find it rewarding to have a direct impact on the quality of life where they live and work.

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