Regional Tobacco Control
Tobacco Control Compliance Inspector
Wilmington, Bedford, Concord, Lexington
Job Description:
Compliance Inspectors, enforce local, state and federal regulations in the collaborative communities. Inspectors, work closely with program staff, Boards of Health and other city/town departments on enforcement issues. Night and weekend hours of work could be required in this position. This is a 19.5 hour a week position split between four towns, Wilmington, Bedford, Concord and Lexington. $35.00 per hour. This is a non-benefited position. Mileage and supplies will be provided.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Coordinate compliance checks: Sales of tobacco to minors in the assigned communities within the collaborative. Coordination includes scheduling the youth, other adult monitors, supplies and routes.
 Conducts compliance checks using trained underage youth to purchase tobacco.
 Must keep detailed and accurate documentation of all sales of tobacco to minors.
 Conducts regular inspections to ensure retailers are in compliance with tobacco control regulations/ordinances/bylaws and works closely with the Boards of Health.
 Conducts regular inspections to ensure that regulated establishments/workplaces are in compliance with tobacco control regulations/ordinances/bylaws and works with the Boards of Health.
 Assists the Director in preparing materials for any Hearings, Court cases and/or any other meetings as needed. Attends hearings as needed.
 Follow-up on status of violations, file appropriate documentation for hearings and appear in Court or Board of Health hearings.
 Ensure that all retailers are informed on Youth Access (YA) issues. Must be familiar with the regulations/ordinances/bylaws, State and Federal Laws, for all collaborative communities.
 Conduct retailer, establishment and workplace trainings as needed.
 Maintain database of YA compliance checks and inspections and prepare any documentation required for comparison studies.
 Follow-up on complaints as they are referred to the office.
 Participate in any assigned event, task, and/or outreach effort associated with the passage of YA and/or tobacco control regulations/ordinances/bylaws.
 Attend any meetings and/or trainings as requested by the Program Director or the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Tobacco Control Program.
 Bachelors degree in an appropriate field preferred
 Previous experience with enforcement of health or public safety regulations preferred
 Experience working with teenagers preferred
 Previous Massachusetts Tobacco Control Program experience is a plus.
 Bilingual, bicultural a plus
 Must have a car and maintain a valid driver’s license.
 Must possess knowledge of Access Database program.
 Must be a non-smoker
 Must understand that this position is valid only as long as grant funds are provided
Please submit resume and cover letter to Shelly Newhouse, 121 Glen Road, Wilmington, MA 01887 or