Program Manager, Energy Management
Winthrop, Mass.

The MWRA is seeking a Program Manager, Energy Management to provide management of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and cost reduction programs and contracts related to the operations of MWRA facilities. The position will play a central role within the agency, providing coordination and communication with MWRA management and staff, as well as outside agencies and regulators, to ensure the continued success of these programs. Much of the focus and time spent will be at the MWRA’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, located in Winthrop, Mass. (the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant).

The work includes researching and proposing energy management strategies resulting in conserving and reducing energy, including the development of energy conservation programs such as (a) a method for evaluating what level of energy conservation is cost-effective for particular facilities; (b) facility energy conservation plans; and (c) a priority list for energy conservation projects; assists in the development of comprehensive energy management plan; manages the planning and design phases of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects including feasibility and operational impact reports, detailed plans and specifications, permitting, work schedules, technical assistance, progress review and evaluation; manages all phases of consultant selection including development of scope of services, specifications, cost estimates, work schedules, negotiations, and preparations of contract award recommendations. Ensures compliance with contract budgets, schedules and terms; oversees and directs MWRA and consultant staff in the execution of projects related to energy supply for MWRA facilities, including power generation, transmission and distribution and fuel supply; manages MWRA and consultant activities associated with exploring renewable energy projects. Activities include consultant contract management, grant funding opportunities, and acting as lead MWRA liaison to appropriate parties associated with these projects. Includes the ability to research technologies, regulations and the potential for outside funding assistance; manage ongoing energy contracts, including detailed equipment efficiency audits, renewable energy contracts and select maintenance contracts for solar and wind turbine installations; performs energy-use reviews of facilities to identify and recommend adoption of operating practices, which can result in significant energy savings. Coordinates the adoption of such practices as required throughout MWRA. This includes, but is not limited to, building envelope, HVAC systems and controls, and process equipment typically associated with water and wastewater treatment facilities and conveyance facilities, with an emphasis on pumping equipment; recommends agency, program or division energy policy by analyzing cost, operational and environmental impacts of proposed policy on division projects, with particular focus on the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant; initiates new renewable energy or energy efficiency projects and prepares capital or current expense budget requests required; coordinates projects with communities, government agencies, professional organizations and other MWRA departments. Provides technical information and assistance. Addresses professional and community groups and initiates outreach projects as required, and acts as liaison with representatives of other agencies; prepares and reviews, as necessary, staff summaries to the Board of Directors; drafts professional services contracts and amendments to contracts; ensures compliance with MWRA policies, procedures and directives, and regulatory requirements and applicable engineering standards. Ensures all activities are coordinated with operation staff, MWRA divisions and outside concerns as appropriate; serves on MWRA consultant selection committees as requested.

This position requires completion of a four-year college program in civil, mechanical, or environmental engineering or related field; seven to nine years of energy management and renewable energy project management experience; demonstrated ability to work effectively as part of a project team and also to function independently with minimal supervision. Must be able to work comfortably across departments and with staff from multiple disciplines and areas (engineering, finance staff, budget and legal), as well as consultants and regulatory agencies; understanding and ability to perform energy calculations and conversions; ability to identify and provide backup for potential energy conservation measures and demand side management savings associated with buildings and water/wastewater process equipment; ability to drive project and program schedules and identify/adhere to key milestones; understanding of the evolving electricity market, and state and federal energy programs and energy regulations; excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills; experience in Microsoft Word, databases and similar computer software, including the ability to gather, interpret and condense large energy-related data sets from throughout the MWRA in to a simple and presentable format; ability to read and understand technical reports, including P&ID drawings, equipment efficiency interpretation,, and a basic understanding of SCADA and data reporting; knowledge of Massachusetts bidding laws, including MGL Chapter 25A bidding regulations; basic understanding of water/wastewater embedded energy, electrical distribution and combustion and/or steam turbine generation is a plus; understanding of the ISONE wholesale energy market with relation to the forward capacity market and energy procurement is a plus; a valid Massachusetts Class D Motor Vehicle Operators License is required; any equivalent combination of experience or education.

Salary: $1,894.05 to $2,644.67 weekly. Position eligible for telework up to 50% after initial waiting period.


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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex or gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or veteran status.