The Program Director will serve on the staff and reports directly to the Board of Commissioners of the PRA. The essential functions of this role include, but are not limited to:

  • Daily management of the various programs/services associated with the Authority and supervision of independent contractors as applicable.
  • Drawdown and accounting procedures with periodic and monthly reports to the Authority, budget preparation, program design, monitoring of ongoing loan programs, grant preparations, inter-town department participation of programs, and the performance of other duties appropriate to the position as from time to time may be required.
  • ┬áManagement of Affirmative Fair Housing
  • Marketing for LIP and 40B programs
  • Management of the Affordable Housing Lottery Services and Programs with the guidelines established by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)
  • Administration of the First Time Home Buyer program, classes provided by the Authority.
  • Provide direct Housing Counseling to clients to assist first time homebuyers and others in the financing and purchasing of a home.
  • Management of HUD Housing Counseling program

o HUD Reporting
o First Time Home Buyer Education
o Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

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