PRIMARY DUTIES: The incumbent, an attorney, serves as a member of the city’s legal team available to assist on all legal matters and is the city’s expert on New Hampshire RSA 91-A (Access to Governmental Records and Meetings), RSA 33-A (Disposition of Municipal Records), and RSA 294-E (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act). Responsible for city-wide compliance with aforementioned statutes and responding to information requests made pursuant to 91-A. Works with all city departments and agencies to perform extensive document searches, review records, and develop responses to ensure that record requests are responded to in a timely manner and in accordance with the law. Advises the City Clerk in administration of Nashua’s Records Management program. Advises all city departments to ensure that public and non-public meetings (notices, minutes, quorums etc.) of all city boards and commissions routinely comply with the law. Advises the Information Technology Department to ensure compliance with 33-A and 294-E.

QUALIFICATIONS: Attorney admitted to New Hampshire Bar with relevant education or experience necessary to assume responsibility for interpreting and fulfilling legal requirements related to public records management. Administrative experience and sufficient computer literacy to perform the requirements of the position. Solid writing and correspondence skills. Discretion and confidentiality required.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Submit application, resume, and a professional writing sample at:


EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER – Recruiting practices shall be consistent with State and Federal Law (5/27/2021)