Receive, track and coordinate responses for all school-based public record inquiries and non-special education subpoenas. Processes biweekly payroll in accordance with town procedures, School Department policies and the terms of all collective bargaining agreements, for over 900 employees.

Performance Responsibilities (Primary):

  • Coordinate Wellesley Public Schools’ response to public record requests and non-special education subpoenas within required timeframes.
  •  Assist individuals seeking public records in identifying records requested.
  •  Assist the custodian of records in preserving public records in accordance with state   regulations.
  •  Prepare guidelines that enable requestors to make informed public records requests.
  • Collaborate with the Town Records Access Officer when requests cross town-wide departments.
  • Collaborate with town and school Information Technology Departments on the collection of data responsive to public records inquiry.
  • Collaborate with legal counsel on fee petitions, fee estimates, and redactions.

Performance Responsibilities (Secondary):

  •  Receives hiring packet from Human Resources for timely and accurate setup of new employees to enable prompt payment.
  •  Processes biweekly payroll, in accordance with town procedures, School Department policies and the terms of all collective bargaining agreements, for over 900 employees.
  • Extracts data from Absence Management Software to reconcile substitute coverage with staff absences, contacting schools or departments to verify and correct data as needed prior to processing payment.
  • Tracks and processes pay rate changes in accordance with the terms of collective        bargaining agreements.
  •  Reconciles payroll to the general ledger and prepares journal entries for any changes.
  •  Works with the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations and the Director of Accounting and Business Services to maintain an up to date, comprehensive, and accurate staffing schedule for payroll, budgeting and forecasting purposes.
  •  Processes confidential and sensitive documentation related to leaves, disciplinary and  termination actions, wage garnishments, workers’ compensation claims, and unemployment claims.
  •  Calculates and processes balloon (lump-sum) payroll; communicates and coordinates year-end close payroll timeline.
  •  Liaison with town Human Resource staff regarding reconciliations of all insurance premiums for staff whose status is changing.
  •  Processes other confidential requests from employees (e.g., Verification of Employment).
  •  Prepares and electronically transmits to the district’s third-party administrator, the 403B annuity file each week for verification and payment by the town Treasurer’s office.
  •  Analyzes and reconciles all Massachusetts Teacher Retirement files for online filing of contributions from teachers and ensures accurate coding in all categories to enable proper recording and allocation of funds to teacher accounts.
  •  Assists the Director of Human Resources and the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations with information requests for use in contract negotiations.
  •  Cross-trains with the Accounting Coordinator of Accounts Receivable and Cash Management to perform the payroll function in their absence.
  • Cross-trains the Financial Transaction Assistant in generating and issuing paper timesheets to staff, track substitute time in a spreadsheet, document pay rate on the paper timesheets, log payroll dates in MUNIS and assist as backup for simple data entry of hourly employees from paper timesheets.
  •  Enters and processes employee reimbursement payments.
  •  Documents procedures for all aspects of payroll processing, MTRS filings, calculation, and processing of leave payments, etc.
  •  Maintains payroll files in an accurate, organized, and up-to-date manner.
  •  Maintains and implements salary tables for all staff on an annual basis.
  •  Performs other related duties as assigned by the Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations and/or the Director of Accounting and Business Services.

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